What are some fun things to do in Los Angeles with a 11-month-old?
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What are some fun things to do in Los Angeles with a 11-month-old?

My wife and 11-month-old son are visiting relatives in Los Angeles for a week and are looking for some fun activities to pass the time. They arrived yesterday and are staying near the intersection of Fairfax and Wilshire. They have a car to tool around in. What's the Aquarium of the Pacific like? My son loves to watch fishies swimming around, but the price seems awful steep ($21 per adult). Are there any beaches that are particularly clean and quiet? They're interested more in 2-4 hour excursions, given napping requirements, not so much all day grand adventures.
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Best answer: Another option is the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium, which is much smaller than the Aquarium of the Pacific, but also only costs $5.

There's a good-sized playground at Pan Pacific Park, which is near where they're staying. Another nearby playground is in Beverly Hills, near Olympic & La Cienega.

Also nearby is the Farmer's Market/Grove at 3rd & Fairfax. There's a trolley ride he might enjoy, and if you go to the Party America store, they'll give him a free balloon. Plus yummy donuts for mom & relatives at Bob's Donuts in the Farmer's Market.

I've never been, but there's a beach in Marina del Rey known as Mother's Beach, because it has no surf, has a lifeguard tower, and has a playground. Might be worth checking out as well.
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The Los Angeles Zoo is surprisingly inexpensive. It is in Griffith Park, which also has a world-class observatory, a little train ride for kids, and a place that does cheap pony rides.
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The Aquarium of the Pacific is great and you can find discount coupons in many of those free local tourist books you see at hotels and gas stations and such. You might also want to look for some online ticket discounters like this one.
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Response by poster: Thanks all. I wish I were there to do some of this stuff!
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Gocitykids is great resource for all kinds of destinations for children.
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Bring a loaf of old bread, walk around the Venice Canals, and feed the duckies. I think this is where the kiddie playground is located, though if not it is somewhere nearby.
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