Help me find the band "Album"
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I received a mix-tape a while ago with a really great band on it that I can't find. I'm pretty sure they're called "Album," and I think the song was called "hormigas." The song was quite bleak and beautiful and I think it was sung in Spanish. It sounded a little post-rockish.

I can't find the band because searching Itunes or Google or anything else for a band called "Album" is pretty damn fruitless.
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is it this? number 10 in the "top tracks" is "Hormigas".

tips for googling: "album.album" (the dot means both words together) and "letras" (lyrics in spanish - useful for searching for spanish lyric sites).
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here are all the songs that Album did. There isn't one called Hormigas but a quick search for the song turns up 4 songs with that as the title...
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I found that song here, off their Eureka Sön LP. This seems to be their site.
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that list doesn't even include rap de las hormigas which must be the most famous spanish language hormigas song (a competitive niche)!
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YES YES YES! Thank you all! You rock most righteously.
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(Did you notice you can download it at my link? Arriba!)
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Hi everyone,
it was a mixtape from me!
They are a Mexican band, and here is their official site, where you can download almost all of their tunes.
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:D rmless you sent me the best mixtape I've ever recieved in my entire life. In fact, it became the soundtrack to an important relationship that came and went over the course of a few months. The two of us are still on good terms and whenever I listen to that mix it feels me with really good feelings. When we decided to just be friends, she asked me for a copy of it so she could listen to it whenever she was feeling down. So - thank you again. I don't know anything else about you but you have stellar taste in music and I'm going to try and do my best to reciprocate somehow.
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