Macbook hard drive recovery
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My wife's Macbook 60gb hard drive has started clicking and disappeared from startup. Can't access it it any way and would like to get our wedding and honeymoonn photos from it - any recommendations on data recovery services in London for mac sata hard drives? Best quote I've had so far is £300.

I've tried accessing it via various methods including freezing, no dice..
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I've used these guys before and got good service. Might be worth asking them.

Do you get ANYTHING from the drive? I suppose one way would be to do a raw-read onto another disk and then try and manually recover data.

Time intensive and error prone I would assume.
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I had a hard drive go bad once, and I read that sometimes you can temporarily fix it by sticking it inside a ziplock bag and putting it inside a freezer for a while.

I tried it and it worked long enough to recover my important data.
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Have you tried hooking the Macbook up to another Mac via firewire and booting it into target-disk mode? Worth a shot.
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Vogon are the big daddy of UK data recovery experts - they certainly aren't cheap but a client recently used them to recover data from a fire-damaged (!) drive and were very impressed.
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The BBC used Kroll Ontrack not long ago and was very impressed.
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The Genius Bar offered to back up my son's hard drive in his non-booting Macbook for $53 prior to a repair which might damage data. Do they have Genius Bar's in the UK?
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Obviously, lesson#1 buy a backup drive (you can buy 500GB now for less than 150 quid) and back up religiously. I recommend SuperDuper for the mac as a backup program.

Nthing target disc mode from another mac as your first port of call.
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