Convert to mp3?
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Is there any way to convert a playlist file that is downoaded to the desktop into one that is an mp3 to be put on an ipod (or burnt to disc)? The file as downloaded is called 20070812.m3u I have a feeling that this just may be daftness on my part. Please enlighten. (By the way, i am on a Mac if that makes a diff)
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I believe m3u is a Winamp-specific playlist file, where Winamp is just for PC...
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Open up the m3u file and see if it includes any URLs for audio (like mp3) files. If it only has listings of local media files, then you are out of luck.
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No, .m3u works with iTunes, too. But it's only a playlist file--not the actual mp3s it 'represents.'
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Sorry, forgot to mention that you should open the m3u file in a text editor.

Also, the Wikipedia entry on m3u might help you understand what you're dealing with.
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Best answer: .m3u is just playlist of MP3 URL's. If you're downloading it, I presume it's streaming audio, in which case you can't just convert it to MP3, because the music is not contained in the .m3u - it just tells it which server to stream it from.

You can, however, open it with a text editor and download all the MP3's listed in it individually (with a browser, probably).
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Response by poster: Thanks, all. I greatly appreciate your time and advice on this. Have an excellent week!
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You can't convert a library card into a novel, either. The M3U is just a pointer. :)

Open the M3U in a text editor. If it has URLs in it, try pasting one of them into your browser. You might be able to download it directly with the browser, or with wget.

Alternately, if the URLs point to streams, then you need "stream ripping" software. I'm sure it exists for the Mac, but I can't recommend any specific titles.
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