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I'm sure this has been covered before but I'm in a small panic, so forgive the indulgence. I just spilled a small (maybe 1/4 oz.) of beer on my MacBookPro. I caught it very quickly and sopped up the liquid with an absorbent towel. However, a small discolored spot has developed in the LCD and I'm wondering what the best way to abate the liquid might be.

So, I'm stupid and sat a beer down too close to my laptop (a 15" MBP) and knocked it over a short time later. I caught it very quickly, but a tiny amount of beer landed on the computer near the upper-left hinge at the joint between the screen and the body of the machine. As I type this, there's now a small bright spot in the lower left of the LCD if I view from the right angle... It's as if the surface tension of the liquid drew it between layers of the LCD between the pixels and the backlight, perhaps? It actually looks as if it's drying, but I'm hoping some Genius can tell me the best way to abate said stupid damage to my bread-and-butter machine. tyvm in advance for your help.
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This might be too late, but it's at least good reference if this happens to someone else or to you again.

After spillage:
With your computer still open, flip it upside down, take out battery/unplug. You'll lose all your unsaved information, but it's better than a ruined computer.
Place a towel on the table, place your computer keyboard side down on the towel on the table, the screen hanging off the edge. Don't allow anyone near the machine, it's easy to accidently knock it off the table at this point.
Let dry for 24 hours.
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a hairdryer might help.
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This previous question may help.
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