Hungry console.log
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HELP!!! My console.log file is growing in MBs by the second!!! (not even joking or exaggerating) and I don't know how to quench it's appetite for memory.

It keeps regenerating this message over and over and over:

DNSServiceProcessResult() returned an error! -65537

I have deleted the console.log files many times to temporarily free up space but it just keeps going. I have no idea what that means and search results bring up stuff I don't understand.

I have a PowerBook G4. AAAGGGHHHH!!!! (thats how I feel)
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I'm sure you have, but just in case - Have you restarted?
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If you're just looking to solve the problem of the overflowing file, then you could do a sudo chmod -w {filename} on it, so that your hard drive doesn't fill up before you can find the problem. (That command will remove write permissions for the owner, the group and everyone else.) I haven't tested this, so it's possible that syslog or some other log file might fill up just as quickly with write errors.

As for the problem, have you tried the steps on this page (first result in google)? It would help the other askme troubleshooters if you can describe what you have tried and what didn't work.
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most likely this is an itunes problem from what i googled.

good help here:
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First thing to do is to clear some space. In a terminal, type:

rm /Library/Logs/Console/$UID/console.log.*
echo > /Library/Logs/Console/$UID/console.log

Then quit the programs you are running one by one, and see if the logs stop filling up. The Mark button in is your friend.

If you think you've found the culprit, see if you can reproduce the situation. If you can, email the developer. If it's Apple, use with a bugmenot account if you're not an ADC member.

Good luck!
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