How can optimize my parking lot (that is, yard)?
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How can optimize my parking lot (that is, yard)? I share my house with a small business, which brings in up to 12 cars, plus our two. I'm wondering if there isn't some software, or an established method for figuring out the most efficient use of our limited space--taking into consideration turn-arounds and snow banks and all that? Any thoughts for a cramped little man?
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There's lots of literature on parking lot design -- a quick Google search for that phrase turned up this PDF, for instance. Alternatively your local library will have something under the guise of civil engineering textbooks.
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It wholly depends on the space you have to work with and the average car types. If you typically have mid-sized or compact cars as opposed to full-size SUVs then you can easily get by with stall widths of 9 feet. The best use of space is rectangular parking.

The most efficient method of designing a parking lot is pencil and paper and a big fat eraser.
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You may also want to check local building codes. There is a possibility you may need to provide a handicap space per ADA requirements.
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Thanks for the leads--I just needed some guidance to steer me down the right path. Between google and "a big fat eraser" I should be able to work this out!
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