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WillitsFilter: I'm taking the monster teens (an 18 year old, and two of his friends) to a cabin in Willits (Mendocino County) this Thursday for four days. My adult friends have bailed. When the kids start to drive me mad, is there a pub I can visit? Other places to check out, possibly meet locals?
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You say "when the kids start to drive me mad" as if you're dealing with a mischevious bunch of five year olds. Have you tried actually treating these eighteen year olds as adults, and just hanging out with them? I think you'll be suprised by how mature they are, and how mich fun you could have. That being said, check out The Willits Chamber of Commerce Website or This Google Search.
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There's Shanachie Pub. Welcome to Downtown Willits.
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just hanging out with them Hee, that's funny. I'm with my kids, and talk to them, ALL THE TIME. I enjoy them very much, and I will definitely need breaks.

Thanks vacapinta. And whoever else weighs in.
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willits gets very hot in august. the coast is cooler and has better restaurants and art galleries.
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Indeed, it will be hot - if you can sneak over to the coast for a day, you'll love the towns of Fort Bragg and Mendocino.
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Actually I've had Willits up on my desktop weather program all week -- it's been in the 80s only with not-high humidity. So I think (knock on wood) it will be fine.
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