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churros in NYC

I am searching for some churros and chocolate in New York City. Good ones. Yes. Any recommendations where I can go eat some at a nice cafe. You know Spanish style. mmm churros are great!
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Doughnut Plant on Grand, take the J/M/Z/F to Delancey/Essex and walk three minutes. So good!
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Bar Jamón apparently serves it, but I've yet to go there myself.

I'd love to find a good place for churros myself, now that you brought it up. I miss San Ginés.
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Bogota in Park Slope has them. I haven't tried them but their food is generally very good. It's at 5th Ave and St. John, take almost any train to Atlantic-Pacific, the B/Q to 7th Ave, or the 2/3 to Bergen.
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hm, my link didn't work. It's Sorry for the double post.
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Donut Plant has good ones but only if they're warm. They get stale quickly. The hot chocolate is high quality though.

For a sit down place, Five Points has good churros during weekend brunch.
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Check for 油条/yóutiáo in Chinatown if you're on a budget. Closest thing to churros this side of the Pearl River Delta. Nix on the chocolate, though.
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