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Can I take my American iPod to England and (with nothing but an an adaptor to correctly plug into a British socket) plug it into the wall for recharging? Will it accept UK power? Will it blow up? I want to listen to music while I'm there, but I don't want to break an expensive piece of equipment. I tried Google and Apple.com, but I couldn't find anything about this.
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Look at the AC adaptor. It will probably say '100-240V~' or something similar. If it does, you're fine and it'll work with just a plug adaptor. Most laptop AC adaptors will work on all votages between 100V and 240V, too.
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What zsazsa said. I stressed about this a great deal in the past. But since then I've plugged in lots of pricey electronics in Ireland using the U.S. AC cords. No problem.
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my adapter says 100-240v (it also says Apple Japan, which is funny)--15gig 3g ipod. It'll work. There are all sorts of graphic symbols on the adapter too--maybe one of those means it definitely will? There's a checkmark in a circle, and a square in a square, and a N in a circle, and large C and E, and a YL in a circle. Also, a plastic tab i was supposed to remove says Remove, Enlever, Entfernen, etc, so there you go. : >
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Yes, you can. I live in the UK and I bought my current first-gen 5GB iPod in the UK. Recharging works perfectly fine here using a standard plug adaptor.
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Whoops. I mean I bought it in the US.

Also, I believe pretty much all Apple chargers work internationally because they're all based on the same block design that accepts 110-240V.
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The US-style plug slides off the iPod charger, and you can buy a World Travel Kit that contains plugs for other countries. Kind of pricey, though.
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Two-pin female "portable tape deck" cables fit into the iPod charger (and all the other Apple white bricks) and work fine. You can pick one up for buttons in almost any country with electricity, IME.
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Another yes here. In fact here being Flagstaff, AZ & me with iBook, dig camera & mobile all purchased in the UK there's no problem t'other way either.
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Yes --- I just had mine in the Philippines and Hong Kong with no problems.
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