What can I do to keep my LCD TV safe in an earthquake?
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What can I do to keep my LCD TV safe in an earthquake?

I recently bought a 46" LCD TV. Then, last week, this earthquake reminded me that the TV is the single most expensive thing in my apartment, and I really ought to come up with a way to keep it from tumbling over.

Right now, the TV is on a stand, and I would like to avoid a wall mount, as I like to angle the TV left and right about 20 degrees depending on where the viewing audience is sitting.

I've seen various kits but I'm looking for a review from an actual user. I would also like to hear about DIY solutions--that's more my style, anyways. Thanks!
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There's a bevy of adjustable LCD wall mounts on the market, many of which would offer that 20 degrees of side movement as well as up/down tilt. One of those anchored properly is going to be your safest bet; a strap will only restrict movement away from it's anchor point, and any earthquake strong enough to move a heavy stand and LCD is going to be shaking it all over the place.
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Yup, go for the cantilever wall mount- our 42" is stuck on an interior wall with bolts as long as my arm and offers adjustment closer and further from the wall, at the same time, angle left and right (about 70 deg.) and also an adjustment so it can tilt forward and back if you're sitting below it. The whole set up is sturdy, and not scary to move and alter at all.
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I'm not sure if this advice would apply to an LCD but it's certainly DIY (curtain wire!)
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Surround the stand with soft foam. Note: this will not prevent it from getting crushed by, say, the second floor.
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Renter's insurance?
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Gotta go with renter's insurance. You can get a special rider for a specific piece of equipment like this for very cheap, think <$10 a month. Then you can use it just like you're using it now. I have one for my laptop that covers accidental and rain, with full replacement.
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