What to get the young and transient (Spain-specific)?
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Wedding gift for a transient young couple living in Barcelona?

I'm going to a wedding this weekend in Virginia for a couple that currently lives in Barcelona, Spain. I'd love to get them a useful and fun gift that won't be something they have to lug back with them. Ideally, I'd give a gift certificate that is handy in their parts, for an experience or event of some sort. They're pretty transient these days (moving around Spain, and possibly other parts of Europe), so they probably aren't in the mood to collect junk.

I checked the archives, and couldn't find anything specific to Spain or Barcelona. There doesn't seem to be an Amazon specific to Spain (like there is for the UK or France, etc.), but I'll send an Amazon gift certificate as a last resort. Any and all ideas welcome.
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My friend Patrick has an old friend who is Spanish named Max (I think), who lived here in Toronto for a while.

In any case, he and his sister Amy moved to Barcelona and opened a restaurant called
Cinc Sentits. A seriously fancy restaurant. They are fluent in English -- you could phone and see if you could arrange a gift certificate.

I haven't eaten there (not being Barcelona) but just thought I'd mention it.
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His and Hers Eagle Creek bags? If they're going back to Spain from a wedding, they'll easily be able to fill them with something. That, and they make a good treat for the roaming types.

What about a Eurail Pass for Spain and Portugal?

A Holga?

An AmEx gift card could be handy.

Skype phones are neat, their family and friends in the US might really enjoy hearing from them more often.

Leather-bound journal, to capture the experience.

Travel-sized Watercolor Kits?
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Best answer: Vueling gift voucher! Vueling is a low-cost airline that has its home base in Barcelona, and what better experience than a weekend getaway?
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AMEX gift cards??? I believe you can purchase at your local bank and they work worldwide.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the answers! I'm still not sure which of the suggested ideas I'll do, but I'm really happy to have options other than Amazon.
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