Charles would *never* wear a foam rubber leek costume.
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Help me remember the name of a goofy British royalty/celebrity "Battle of the Network Stars"-esque sort of thing that was on cable many, many years ago.

Several years ago (definitely before 2001), on one of the cable channels, they ran what I can only describe as a "Battle of the Network Stars" with a combination of British royalty and different celebrities. There were four teams (red, yellow, green and blue), with each team headed by a member of the royal family (Fergie, Andrew, I want to say Princess Anne and Edward, maybe?). I distinctly remember that Meat Loaf was one of the participants.

They competed in silly races and tests of skill. The only one I remember in any detail was that a competitor was dressed at a cook, and was supposed to catch people in potato and leek costumes. The cook would rip the (what looked like foam rubber) costume off the potato or the leek (who would be revealed to be a member of a competing team) and throw it into a big pot.

The winning team got money donated to its charity of choice.

I really enjoyed watching it when it came out, and it seemed like it was a yearly thing, but I never heard/saw it again. Does anyone else remember this, and if so, was it a one-time thing? Is it available for purchase or rental?
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Celebrity It's a knockout.
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Response by poster: Yes! Thank you! I knew it had "Knock" in it somewhere.
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Best answer: It may have been called It's a royal knockout.
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Response by poster: Reading that wiki entry, it's interesting that it was considered a huge failure and embarrassment. I thought it was a lot of fun (of course, that might have had something to do with the fact that I was a young teenager when it came out).
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