Why does iTunes stop playing my CD?
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Why does iTunes stop playing my CD when I re-focus on the program? Win XP, iTunes 7

I have Autorun turned off. I feed my disc drive a lot of CDs, not all of which are DRM/malware-free, so I keep Autorun off. This means I have to put a CD into the drive, focus away from iTunes, and then focus back on it before it'll recognize the new album in the drive. This I am OK with.

if I am already playing a CD in iTunes while using another program, and if I move from that program back to iTunes, iTunes stops playing the CD and no longer even recognizes that a CD is in the drive. The CD disappears from the program. What's going on? How can I fix/prevent this phenomenon?

If it's worth mentioning, I think I'm 1 iTunes update behind. I've been putting it off because I'm scared the beast is gonna be even more of a resources hog on my already-struggling pc.
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How is you're moving back to iTunes from another program having focus? Alt+Tab?
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*how is it
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Response by poster: This is a recent issue, by the way. I can't pinpoint a time or action that would have caused this to start happening.
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Response by poster: Doesn't matter how I move back to iTunes. Alt+Tab, via the Taskbar, or just by clicking on the program window. Same thing happens every time.
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This happens to me all the time, too. I think it is related to autorun. Updating iTunes did not solve this issue. Does you iTunes at least recognize you ejected a CD? I have to restart iTunes every time I put in a new CD. (Windows version)
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Response by poster: Does you iTunes at least recognize you ejected a CD?

My problem is that iTunes is recognizing that I've ejected a CD without me actually ejecting a CD—or doing anything at all aside from putting focus on the iTunes program window.
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From Apple's support site: Here is something you could try.

I would go ahead and get the newest version of iTunes. Apple tends to (emphasis on "tends to") tighten their code a little with each update, rather than bloat it.

A search through Apple's support forums did not yield any similar problems. If neither the above-linked article nor updating iTunes fixes the problem, I'd strongly recommend uninstalling iTunes and QuickTime, then downloading and reinstalling them. Your library should be left intact.

Good luck!
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