Minimum hosting features, maximum blogging features?
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Very limited webhost features, very fond of content management. Help a student update things easily?

My university offers about 50MB of free webspace to students and not much else. No cgi scripts, no databases, no htaccess password-protected pages. I’d love to generate some easily updatable content using Wordpress or MT, but both seem to require more features than I can access.

My webdesign/coding skillset plateaued in about 2002.

I’m comfortable with HTML and CSS but would rather not re-upload my files with every update. What are some solutions?
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Use a different host? Setup your own server (Ubuntu/apache/wordpress will run on that P3-600 your school threw away just grand). accounts can be had for ~$20/year (if you goto the forums and find a referal code for $90 off).

There are also products like CityDesk that might give you what you want.
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tiddlywiki generates a plain .html file. I'd use that with those limits.
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Response by poster: I've owned a couple of domains over the years but never really did enough to make paying for hosting worthwhile. Figured I would try to make use the free space while I've got it! I love tinkering with templates and playing with CSS.

Thanks for the tiddlywiki suggestion, i_am_a_Jedi. I'll look into it!
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For a tiddlywiki you can just go to tiddlyspot. No need to use your space. Your 50megs can make a great place to host remote images/files ect.
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What about the web-hosted Wordpress? It's at (.org is the official WP site).
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Sorry, the above link messed up. (free hosted Wordpress without need of your own hosting service) is at:

Good luck!
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I work with the MT team, and I think you could run MT on another server and use it to FTP pages to your account. Google's Blogger used to do that, too -- maybe it still does? Then all you need on your web account is FTP and the ability to serve pages.
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Sounds like my university, proud as hell of its tech infrastructure but still offering 100MB no-script web accounts to students (and faculty) that are so crippled there is no point.

Meanwhile, f__ing *Yahoo* now offers unlimited storage.

Run your own server. It's easy. And fun.
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