Capture video via RCA inputs?
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Software to capture video from RCA inputs on my PC?

I have a PC (no not a Mac, yes I know) that has RCA inputs. I also have a lot of VHS tapes of important moments of my life.

Is there a simple, free program to capture video to a widely-supported format? Some basic editing would be nice. I'm looking for something like Audacity (pops) for video.
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are you sure that that isn't an rca output?
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(I am going to totally not answer the question you asked.)

The simplest way to convert my old VHS tapes to a format my computer understood was to connect my VCR directly to a digital video camera using a standard video cable. Digital video camera to computer via firewire and voila!
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One of the RCA connections is going to have to be yellow for this to even get started. Red and white are just audio.
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There are probably 'one-click' solutions that do pretty well, but I'm not familiar with them.

If you are technically inclined, you should probably try starting with the capture analogue sources with VirtualDub/AviSynth guide at It may be a little out of date, being from 2004, but very thorough.

The results of a search for vhs to avi seem useful as well..
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Response by poster: Yes, i am sure they are inputs. Yes, there is a yellow input.
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Virtual VCR has worked well for me.
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VirtualDub is pretty much the best free option for this sort of thing. It's kind of difficult to use, but if you follow a guide like the one Chuckles linked to you should be able to get it working without too much suffering.
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