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Looking for serious, modern, and fun art schools in Europe, or possibly the US.

I'm a CS major (Rel minor), and I want to rejuvenate my art & design experience with a semester (summer semester, most likely, possibly something else) abroad, at a school that has a good art/design program. So, serious classes (not 'fun abroad bullshit'), something of a cool scene (not raving, but music, technology, cities, etc), and, a bonus would be if it offered a CS course or two, or if I could take one at a local U. Tuition is not a huge problem here. Languages - basically just english. I understand maybe 20% of Spanish.

Thanks for any guidance.
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I would recommend Birmingham Institute of Art and Design. The school has built up a great CS faculty and work across a large number of public and private enterprise challenges. The art school itself is excellent and the school puts on a fantastic range of activities for students. I graduated broadcast journalism there two years ago.
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A friend of mine went to SACI in Florence for video courses and simply loved it.
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Glasgow School of Art of cool Macintosh building fame
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Well...on the US side of things, there's RISD.
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Agreed; RISD (I graduated from it a bunch of years ago) is also close to Brown University, like maybe a 15-minute walk. I don't know firsthand how their CS dept is, but I can't imagine it's terrible. The two schools interoperate to some extent already. RISD is pretty darn serious, and their summer courses are generally fairly realistic (taught by many of the same instructors as teach during the year, etc).
Scenewise, I don't know; there's a few clubs and such, but I was a big dork in college and didn't go out much. The movie theatres are pretty cool.
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