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Any good therapist recommendations in Chicago?

I'm looking for a good counselor / therapist in Chicago. If it makes any difference, the purpose is to talk through some steadily worsening trust and self-confidence issues.
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I had good luck with the therapists associated with Northwestern in Evanston. Their offices are right off the Purple Line, behind American Apparel.
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Susan Love - look her up - used to be located downtown. LOVED her.
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I found Boris Thomas in downtown Chicago to be very perceptive, a great listener, and action-oriented.

Mary Hegele, in Evanston, is also very good if you'd prefer an older woman/mom type who gets it.

Finding a therapist who understands you and can talk your language is important. Good luck.
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Paula Tipton is in Lake Zurich. (847) 566-3136. I loved her. Great listener, great problem-solver, very good at unpacking issues and being proactive.

Also, Wanda Morgan in Deerfield has been awesome for my sister.

Both very highly recommended.
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