bool find_match(shirt *, jeans *){}
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Does this look okay?

I'm trying to dress for going out tonight. Can I wear this shirt and jeans together, or is it too much grey? Today's pretty bright outside, and the sun won't set for a while.

I know, this is dumb, but I don't have any sense about things like this. Really, my main goal in any social situation is to just try and blend in with the other humans, and I can't even do that reliably.

When I'm in charge, I'm going to abolish clothing. We'll all just wear single colour space unitards. It will be all kinds of awesome.
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It's fine. I like it, actually. But you must really lack sense if you worry about this sort of thing!
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Does the shirt have a print on it? Otherwise, what you're proposing is fine, but a little monochromatic. (But not so monochromatic that people are going to go "OMG LOOK AT THAT FOOL DRESSED IN ALL GREY HAHAHA.")
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looks kinda blah :c(

i'd go for more contrast to your jeans (lighter since its bright outside you said). or a color tshirt that works well with your skintone.
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Erm, where are you going? I'm not trying to be mean, but solely based on the picture, it seems like something I'd wear if I were going grocery shopping or to the laundromat. Are you asking if you can wear that shirt with those jeans? Sure. If you're asking if it will impress anyone? No.
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Hmm, it's hard to judge without seeing it in full, but I don't think the gray looks very good with the color of the faded jeans. What other color options do you have for the shirt?
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the image loaded from the top and initially looked like the heavy bag in a gym that fighters use to train. when i got to the pants, i thought, ok, fine, this could be my ensemble. of course, i dress like a homeless derelict.
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not very exciting
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I need to see the shoes. But even without that, I think you might want something of a different color on top. You won't suffer without changing but you certainly aren't doing yourself any favors, either. But if you want to fade into the background, this will do fine. Unless this is for a nice dinner or something that requires a more formal look.
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Yes, it would depend what you mean by "going out". A beer with old friends... looks fine. An art opening with potential persons of interest ... maybe not.
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unless you have really killer shoes, that is.
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I think it looks fine, though the weave of the jeans sort of makes my eyes readjust when I look at the, uh, marble-y jersey weave of the shirt. You won't win any awards, but you won't get pulled over by the fashion police, either.

If you're like me, I'm guessing these are the only clothes you have that are clean right now. Do you have anything a little less pedestrian you can add (hat, shoes, bling?) to take it up a level?

And where are you going? A sports bar, a nightclub, a state dinner? It is Friday night and you might meet someone...why not look better than average?
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It's fine, if not a little boring. What do you look like? Those colors look better on some than others.
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Boys are so cute. It's fine in a totally innocuous way. I would generally advise to step it up a bit fashion wise when going out, but I think given you panic about matching a plain t-shirt with jeans, baby steps are in order. Do you have something you could layer over it? A nice button down shirt, striped or something (unbuttoned and untucked) over it, maybe?
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It's fine. Unless you're going out for dinner :)
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You could use a different shirt. It is way too much gray, and will probably make you look washed out. If you have a black or white or any other color t-shirt, go with that. Otherwise, try shirtless, unless you are going to one of those fancy establishments that requires a shirt AND shoes.
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If you're wearing this because it's the only clean thing you own, hang a dirty button-down shirt in the bathroom as you shower (to "steam" it) and then spray on some cologne. I vote for navy or other dark blue - those look good on almost any guy.

(where dirty means "worn once or twice," not spilled on, dog-hair-magnet, etc)
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I could read a whole blog of people asking this question with accompanying pictures. I guess this guy could, too.
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bool find_match(shirt *, jeans *){} - cute.

It's ok, but drab. I don't like the muddy pastel shirt with the pseudo dirty worn jeans - you look like you need to be dusted off ;)
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Response by poster: So, too boring, eh? I was worried about that. I'll try and find a different shirt (although you have guessed correctly. They are all, in fact, very dirty). Luckily, I'm not going anywhere fancy today, just meeting a friend for a (casual) dinner.

Man, I love collective intelligence. It occurs to me that I could make a kick ass social networking site about to this.

on preview: Dammit. The good ideas are always already taken.
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Very blah. You forgot to ask, however, if your ask looks too big in those pants.
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Response by poster: Hah.

My ass is spectacular.
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If you really want to blend in as opposed to standing out you've nailed it. Whether you will blend in as in looking like another one of the gang, I couldn't say unless I saw your entire self.
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If it's a nudist party, then NO.

If it's another party, then PERHAPS, I DONT KNOW.
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fiercecupcake, your second link broke my browser. :(

Oh, yeah: you could alternatively try darker colored jeans or pants if all your other colored shirts are dirty. It's harder to identify dirty pants, both visually and smell-wise.
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Admit it. You just posted that photo so you could get us all looking at your-
Oh, gotta go! My mom's calling me for dinner!
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I think it looks fine, but that may just be because that's very similar to what I wear everyday. And because I dig simplicity.
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Shoutfit is a social style-networking site that has just popped into cyberspace, and among other things, allows you to post questions and polls like your question here. It doesn't have the population of MeFi yet, so you'll currently have more success asking here as you did, but I thought it was worth a mention since its focus is entirely on clothing.
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are you the guy that invented flashmobs? is this question your next big social phenomenon?

if the shirt has a print of an RV that says "WEEKEND WARRIOR" and the jeans are tapered/bell bottoms, then IT'S A GO.
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This is why I get a friend with a great sense of style to go shopping with me every now and then.
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tracert: If this question turns into the next "name my cat" ...

That said, I have no fashion sense. And I'm colorblind. Hmm ... this could be useful.
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I think it looks just fine, as long as you're going somewhere casual. Bland colors are all anyone wears in Paris, which is the fashion capital of the world. I personally prefer guys who dress simply and let their personality shine through. But I don't know if I'm the type of audience you're going for.
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Next time you want a question like this answered, get your whole body in the picture (you can cover up your face if you want to stay anonymous). Skin tone is vital for color questions.
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Wouldn't be a bad idea to go shopping and ask a salesperson to help you put together a couple of going out for dinner combinations. Most guys underdress, and even an incremental improvement helps a lot.
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