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Is there a way in Outlook 2002 to assign read receipts to specific email addresses in my address book? For work, I send out emails to certain people that I want to make sure get read. However, I don't want to blanket everyone with read receipts because they are annoying.
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You can do it by message. In a new composition window go to View > Options > Request a read receipt for this message. I guess if you needed a receipt for some but not all recipients you could send the message out to two different groups of recipients.

In the rules wizard, you have the ability to run a script or perform a certain action when a message sent to particular users or groups in identified. I'm not sure if that works on outgoing mail or if it's only incoming, and I'm not sure how to go about constructing a script that might do what you want though.
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Hmm, that's not a bad idea. Does anyone know a good resource for script help in Outlook? And the first person that mentions a Microsoft website gets no prize...
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