Video Convert for My archos 604
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I need to convert different video formats and adjust audio levels of videos I want to transfer to my Archos 604... Which software does this best?

I just bought the Archos 604 and I want to be able to convert videos to support formats:

MPEG-4 Playback - (ASP@L5 AVI, up to DVD resolution)
WMV Playback - (MP@ML, up to DVD resolution)
QuickTime MOV Playback - (H.264 up to DVD resolution and AAC sound)
MPEG-2 Playback - (MP@ML up to 10Mbps up to DVD resolution)
AVI Playback

and sometimes videos I have have audio that is low and I would like to be able to boost there a software out there that can help me with this process?
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What operating system are you using?

There are tons of command-line tools for Linux - they may be a bit cranky to initially configure, but they work well - I'm not so sure about Windows or the MacOS.

Check out back issues of Linux Magazine - I know I've seen a few articles touching on this in the last year.

(And tell me - how do you like the 604 - I am about to buy one as soon as I can find one in Canuckia)
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Response by poster: My bad...I am using windows xp as my operating system, so the linux will not work for me...thanks anyways on that..
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Response by poster: 604 is great!....just wait for the 5th generation to come out for it seems to be much better...I just bought the 4th generation without knowing that the 5th is just around the corner
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Ahh yes, that's why I was waiting again ;-) (The 605...)

Oooooh - this looks like it:


Open-source, Windows with plenty of codec support + plug-ins.
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I have a AV500 which plays DIVX. I also have a Netgear set-top video player which also plays that. I rip videos and keep them on a Buffalo Terastation that has a UPnP server on it. The UPnP serves video to the Netgear player. I did alot of searching for various software and what I now use is :

1. dvd shrink - for ripping dvds
2. Lathe (or pocketdivxencoder - both made by same person) - convert the VOB (ripped dvd file) to an divx .avi file. Lathe has presets for a lot of portable players and a fair amount of flexibility when choosing target quality
3. Xvid - a free divx encoder, I think lathe needs this installed
4. tivo to PC- I use the Tivo PC server to copy tivo program over to my PC,
5. Videoredo - this is great for cutting commercials out of the tivo files, it saves as MPEG2. very fast
6. Imtoo mpeg encoder - the best video encoder I found. It will convert from pretty much any format to any other. It will use multiple cores too
7. VOBSUB and Virtualdub - for extracting subtitles from a DVD VOB; Lathe can take these subtitles and add them to the encoded AVI
8. videodownloader - plugin for firefox for downloading clips from the internet (eg youtube). The clips (which are often FLV format) can then be converted using the Imtoo program

Most of these are free, a few are in the 25-30 usd range.
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