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Yahoo Answers/ software clone recommendations?

I'm looking for some software that duplicates the question and answer functionality at Yahoo Answers or (or even what happens here at Mefi. Open source would be nice. I've seen Askeet, but it's unclear (to me at least) as to how recently that's been updated and/or whether it's still being maintained.
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If it turns out that you can't locate any decent specific software designed for a q/a site, I'd wager a sufficiently flexible CMS could be tweaked to do the job.

Last time I messed with it, Textpattern's comment system had a ways to go, but just by looking over your two examples I didn't see much that it couldn't do. A lot of the CMS suites seem to be used mainly for creating blogs, but it doesn't have to be that way. Maybe something like Drupal.

Of course, a software project devoted to the style of site you have in mind would be ideal. But if you don't find anything that satisfies you, this is an option.
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