Proxy-Authorization: Basic [authentication]; how do I do it?
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I'm trying to get my application (VB, but that doesn't matter) to connect to the internet and support proxy servers that require a username and password. The former is easy, the latter not. What I'm doing is sending Proxy-Authorization: Basic [authentication] in the header (where [authentication] is "username:password" base64 encoded) with each request. However the proxy server keeps reporting error 407 (authentication required). I've read the RFC's, I've read google groups but I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. Any ideas?
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If it's going through a Microsoft proxy, then you have to use NTLM to encode your information. I'm not a programmer, but there are many many sources around the web discussing this. Samba, uses it. Mozilla finally implemented it. Just search Google on NTLM and you'll find out more.
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by my reading of the rfc, you may need to repeat the request with the auth header in response to the 407.
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