Is the Black & Decker Infrawave Toaster Oven comparable to the Panasonic NB-G100P?
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I'd like an infrared toaster oven, but the "clear winner" from reading online reviews, the Panasonic NB-G100P, seems to be discontinued. Is the Black and Decker Infrawave comparable? Does the Black and Decker Infrawave get hotter to the touch on the outside than the Panasonic does?

From my hunting online, I see three main infrared toaster ovens. The Panasonic, which is out of stock nearly everywhere, and I can only find refurb, the Black and Decker Infrawave, which "gets extremely hot" on the top, and a few generics like the Toastmaster one which lacks a temperature control.

My main concern about the Black and Decker Infrawave is the outside temperature. Does anyone know if the Panasonic one got similarly hot?

Does anyone have an inside scoop on what happened to the Panasonic Infrared Toaster? If it ends up that the Panasonic one is superior, I'd rather not buy something refurb when the product isn't in active support or the bulbs are hard to find.
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I'd buy a refurb Panasonic without hesitation, frankly.
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