Need a time tracker website with on/off button!
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I can't find the time tracking website I used to use - very "web2.0", simple on/off button, multiple projects?

I have googled for time tracking sites and I can't find the one I used. It basically would let you type in what project you were on, and you'd hit the button to have it be on or off and then it would tell you the total time.

I suppose considering I'm using it to record programming time, I could quickly program my own, but there's no point if I can find this one.

Any links? Thanks!!
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Response by poster: Not the one I was looking for, but a neat looking one, thanks!
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You are thinking of, but it has been unavailable for months. There is a link on the cached page to download the source, and if you could give me a pointer on how to turn that into a locally-running version, I'd be much obliged.
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Best answer: Toggl?
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Response by poster: Toggl it was, thank you!
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Response by poster: Rock, it looks like that program is running on Rails, and I have never used it. I focus on PHP & Java. If you open the README_RAILS file it tells you how to get it all set up. All of the stuff you need (Apache & Rake) will run on your local machine. Good luck!
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This ain't so bad, either:
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