Cleaning germs from fixed orthondic piece.
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How do I clean the germs between an expansion-retainer and my palate?

I'm currently "wearing" an orthodontic piece. It's a hard plastic, like a retainer (example) but it has the springs of an expansion piece. It's stuck in place and I can't remove it.
Obviously it's getting really germy and it seems to be affecting my breath.
What's the best way to clean it?

Anonymous because it's gross.
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Water-pik is what I used when I had something similar. And lots of swishing with listerine, etc.
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Yeah, a lot of Listerine, and a small brush that you can angle in there (they have little denture brushes that look kinda like pipe cleaners).
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My dentist recommends hydrogen peroxide to get rid of small organic debris where the toothbrush can't reach. He even gave me a small curved syringe to spray around the wisdom teeth.

Ask your chemist, maybe your dentist, and make sure you get hydrogen peroxide that is safe for oral usage.
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I've had hydrogen peroxide recommended to me as well as a water pick.
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Leave it in a cup of Listerine for a period of time, rinse. Possibly repeat. And clean with a brush.
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Djgh, the poster said he/she can't take it out.
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