iPod Nano case & caveat
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Can anyone recommend a sturdy armband holder (for working out) for the iPod Nano (current version) that will work with the FM tuner attachment? I've looked at a half dozen on Amazon and it seems like they only have a small headphone out on the bottom, and none will take the larger dock-like block that the FM tuner attaches to.
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I don't have an FM tuner, but I did have the same problem with my Nike+ iPod transmitter. It's a little square piece that plugs into the dock slot, and none of the armbands I could find in Australia made allowances for it. Apparently Nike have made at least one in the US that stretches to fit, so maybe that would work for you? Me, I ended up going with an iSnug, which has a small velcro tab across the bottom to hold the Nano in place. My first plan was to cut a notch in this to accommodate the receiver, but then I discovered I could just turn the thing upside down. Works fine for running, but might be a problem if you're doing something where your arms are over your head.
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How about an ace bandage? It's adjustable, cheap, easy to wash, and the look is gym-appropriate.
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I use the Belkin Sports Sleeve with my iPod nano, and it's open across the entire bottom. I use it with the Nike+ with no problem whatsoever.
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I own that gadget that web-goddess links to--it holds the Nike+ block pretty well, but I don't think it would hold the FM tuner without some significant alterations (see pic).
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I have what is probably the first iteration of the first thing web-goddess links to - it's a Nike armband for the nano that is just a stretchy sleeve, basically. No velcro - you just slide it up your arm. The nano slides into a pocket. This would work with the FM tuner just fine if, as web-goddess points out, you turn it upside down.

Though the no-velcro thing seems strange and can feel a little tight around your arm, every other velcro armband I've tried has wrecked my shirts with the rubbing. I really like the armband.
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Rather than an armband, I've seen (in the UK at least) at least one Nike top that's got a sleeve holder for the nano + Nike+ receiver thingy, which is about the same size. It's also got nifty holes for threading your headphone cable through. But you might not want a long-sleeved top and it'd be a bit more spendy than an armband. Like this (ebay, first image I found, for info only - not suggesting you buy this one!)
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