How to agree after disagreeing with a Vista license
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Does anyone know the name or possible directory of the "Set Up Windows" license agreement program that runs when you first turn on a new Vista Business ed. machine (Dell)?

I didn't fill it out because I hadn't plugged in the Bluetooth keyboard/mouse yet. I shut the machine down to take care of that (!), and when I power it up I get a message stating that the install could not be completed. Machine restarts itself and gives the message again.

I have access to command line in this dialog, I guess to repair the install, so I figure I can just run this EULA thing if I can find it.

Tried repairing the install, but it just brings me back to this point. I could reinstall Vista, but this would be much simpler.
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I'm not certain to be honest, but it might be worth looking for msoobe.exe, or the oobe folder and running any executable files you find in there.

oobe = Out Of Box Experience

Which I assume is when you take your PC out of the box!
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You might need to just do a full restore. Hopefully Dell sent you a restore cd?
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