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I'd like some direction for a nice briefcase bag / satchel.

My backpack has had it, while I'd like to move into adulthood I don't want to go Tumi/Ferragamo/lawyer bag handler. I've checked Booq, Jack Spade - are there other interesting brands you would recommend? Thanks.
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check out the earlier briefcase asks.

such as this one or this one or this one.
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Tom Bihn, Bailey Works
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I LOVE my Coach Man Bag.
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Waterfield has me as a customer for life, yo.

But crush-onastick's point about searching should be taken to heart.
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I've probably posted this in one or more of above-linked previous "asks" but I love it so much I'll do it again:

Filson Leather Field Satchel.
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How about a bike courier bag?

Skip the well known (Chrome, Crumpler, Manhattan Portage, Timbuk2) and try one of the lesser-known makers*: Many will do custom work if you're interested.

* Not intended to be a complete list, just what I can think of now
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I had a Marimekko bag for a while that I liked a lot. Also, although they're probably not what you're looking for, I'm fascinated by Ortlieb bags.
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I love my Gravis digi
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Seconding Waterfield. I own both a Cargo and a Cozmo, both fantastic.
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I was in Target the other day, and was surprised at the selection of messenger bag / satchel / manpurse things they have, anywhere from $20 for canvas bags of various designs, to a really nice distressed leather for around $60. Might be worth a stop if there is a Target nearby.
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I'm another big Waterfield fan (, so I guess you could say that I "third" that recommendation. You won't find better crafstmanship, more thoughtful design, or higher quality customer service anywhere. I'd go with their Cargo or Cozmo bag. Both are professional enough, while still unique.
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I tried to move "beyond the backpack" for a few years until I realized that carrying a satchel on one shoulder was wrecking my back. I currently use and would recommend the vertical brief/laptop bag from Briggs & Riley.
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Second the recommendation for Tom Bihn. Look at the Empire Builder, or if that is too big, its little brother the Zephyr. I've had an Empire Builder for years and it looks nearly as new as the day I bought it.
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You might also find some of non-backpack answers to this question useful.
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seconding Uncrate: I picked up a North Face Base Camp messenger in black and it's great. It's known as the stealth bag, not because it's particularly sleek but because it totally evades gaydar.

I balance it out with a Poketo wallet, so all is well.
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