Alas poor Ipod
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I got my ipod in 2005 refurbished from mac mall. It's a 20 gig model. It has worked perfectly until today. I got this little icon and I managed to get it to disk mode. When I got it in disk mode and tried to restore it with Itunes (latest version) I got error 1418. Is it basically gone? Is it worth getting fixed? It's past warranty.

I'm annoyed that I lost all my music on it but I am more interested in knowing if my ipod will still work from now on or will it crap out in the near future. I don't want to shell out another few hundred bucks for a new one if I can save this one, even if they are nicer.

I've read up on error 1418 and I just want to say that my ipod broke on its own, not through Itunes. I use anapod explorer to upload music and I only got Itunes to restore the ipod firmware.
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Do not dismay, first try this. Open, Fold business card in half, place on blue sponge, close. Voila! Your music is probably still there.
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and if that doesn't work it's likely your hard drive has bit the dust. you could probably replace it for about $70-100 and be good to go again.
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(or about $50-60 via ebay, searching part number MK2006GAL)
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You could sent your unit to TechRestore, who could not only inspect the problem for you, but could install a new, larger capacity hard drive.
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For what it's worth, here's a bunch of photos showing my experience with opening up an iPod and replacing the hard drive. Turned out good as new ...
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