What is this art thing going on in lower Manhattan?
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What is happening in Foley Square, Manhattan (the asphalt "park" near the courthouses)? First, there were lots of small brightly-colored rabbits.

Then they were gone and there was an enormous pink rabbit. Then that was gone, and there was something described by a friend as "a Grimace head emerging from the underworld." And there is filming.

Can anyone identify this project?
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Best answer: Were they Playdough bunnies? A Bravia ad was being filmed.
posted by iconomy at 11:20 AM on August 9, 2007

More at the Bravia site.
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Is it the start of a progressive art installation ala The Royal de Luxe Parade in Nantes two summers ago and London last year? Might it be a "teaser" campaign for a film, television show?
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Looks like iconomy may have nailed it!
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It's in keeping with the Bravia Bouncy Balls and Paint television advertisements.
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Also -- 3rd. Sony Bravia spot in production in NYC.
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Response by poster: That was fast. Yes, those are the bunnies in question. When I saw the pink one, I was hoping it was a public art installation and would be around for awhile. (Bad public art is a frequent sight in Foley Square.) A giant pink bunny makes me smile.
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They are so hip they have a Twitter feed.
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