How do I play Apple Loops live?
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I'm looking for a sturdy way to use Apple Loops in a sequencer to perform as live - I can think of a way to do this in GarageBand, but I'm not convinced it will be the most reliable way - any other suggestions?

This is for a theatre project, not a musical exercise, hence my inexperience. I think I could just loop an area in GarageBand, and create the tracks I need, and mute/unmute them as necessary (the music doesn't need to be sophisticated). This strikes me however, as a really clunky and limiting way to go about it. Does anybody know of any software out there that might do what I want? Essentially I'm after an Apple Loops-hungry version of this.
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Apple Loops are just .aif files. You can use almost any program with them. For your exact method, I would recommend Ableton Live.
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