How to get rounded corners on a dropdown menu?
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Please help me modify my flyout menu navigation to have rounded corners. Currently it's an asp .net control, which (apparently) does not allow this modification.

I found this web page which purports to have solved this problem, but I can't get the sample files to work, and frankly, the whole article is a bit over my head. What I do understand is this: asp .net menus are square by default, and they require a programming background to change. I'd be happy using a background gif but the menu controls do not seem to allow this (you can use images for the separators but not the background).

I am using Microsoft Expression Web (yah, don't ask) but I am not married to asp .net. I don't care if this can be done in Javascript, CSS, or with a satanic ritual. All I need is 1) rounded corners and 2) a vertical fly-out menu, similar to the picture on the website linked above.

I also have access to Adobe CS2, including GoLive, if that helps.
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I know nothing about, but I have found CSSplay to be a fantastic site for menus designed using nothing but CSS.
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Best answer: For future reference, I finally found some tabbed menus that use only HTML and CSS here.
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