Hiring an LCD project in the UK
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Hiring an LCD projector in the UK. Can it be done?

For a birthday party in September I'm preparing a DVD movie of old family photographs. We'd like to have this playing throughout and an LCD projector would be ideal. Is it possible to hire a projector for just a weekend? I'm in NW England.
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or try this
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Try the Yellow Pages under "Office Equipment Hire". Example.

Alternatively, if you've got a local university try them as some hire out AV equipment (especially in the summer).
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Make sure the bulb is insured, or insure it separately. If it blows and you're responsible, you're looking at a few hundred quid to replace it.
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I don't know about england but I work for a DJ company in the US and we rent projectors to our customers for just this purpose. I would try that.
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Yes it can be done. Yes it is possible to hire a projector for just a weekend.
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