Help with Albanian knitting terminology?
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Do you know Albanian knitting terminology? (No, seriously...)

Alas, Albanian's not covered in the Margaret Heathman classic "Knitting Languages." There's a lovely Albanian lady who lives across the street from my shop. I asked, through her son, who's royally annoying and doesn't know anything about knitting anyway, if she'd be interested in knitting some sample items for me and she said yes. Ideally, I'd like to cut him out of the communication equation altogether and get some questions and knitting terms written out so I can communicate what I need to her directly.

Any kind MeFites speak both Albanian and know how to knit?
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Languagehat claims to own both an Albanian grammar and dictionary - perhaps he's got some recommendations.
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You may also want to contact the Albanian American Women's Association, or, an Albanian cultural site.
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What kind of pattern do you need translated? Is it very complex? Knitting charts may work for you, like you'd use for charting lace or cables.

If no joy, try posting on the knitting section of, I'm sure someone will be able to help you translate!
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Hi indienial -- yes, charts would be easy, presuming she knows and uses the same symbology. But I don't even know the words for things like knit, purl, etc so I can't even make a chart reference! I'm not so sure she'd know charts, though -- she struck me as a knows-it-by-heart-no-pattern-needed knitter, which makes it tougher...
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Languagehat claims to own both an Albanian grammar and dictionary - perhaps he's got some recommendations.

I do indeed have those books, but I'm afraid knitting terminology is not likely to be covered in any depth. I'd say the Albanian American Women's Association is your best bet. For what it's worth, my English-Albanian Dictionary says 'knit' is thur; unfortunately, the only "purl" it has is the verb meaning 'gurgle.'
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Okay, so are you working from an existing pattern? Or do you need to be able to explain the garment so she can make a sample from your description, ie "I want cables here, I want a crew-neck collar, I want XYZ stitch pattern on the sleeves"?

I have posted on the knitting section of for you, will let you know if anyone can help!
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Thanks, indienial...
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