Hunting for rabbits again, Vicar?
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What's this (probably dirty) joke involving a vicar and rabbits? I know bits of it, but I want the whole thing.

It was in "Men of Good Fortune" in Sandman. The end is apparently, "...up her dress, and she says, 'Hunting for rabbits again, Vicar?'" and there may also be a bit in the middle of the same joke (or a similar one) that goes, " - no, this is funny - the farmer says, 'Vicar, I'll not say another word about the poaching, if only you'll tell me how you caught all those rabbits'..."

I came across it again recently, and it sort of bothered me that I didn't know the entire thing. I tried googling it, but the closest thing I found (other than the exact same quotes, without any more context) was someone saying they'd found the joke... and linking to it... but the link went to a post on a messageboard that had since been rearranged so that the numbers in the links to posts were all different and old links didn't work. But it seems that there is an actual joke this is from.
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Courtesy of tried on the link you mentioned above:

A gamekeeper was patrolling the grounds of large house where he was employed. He came across a man with his arm down a rabbit hole. As he approached and poked the muzzle of his gun on the mans back. As the man turned round, the gamekeeper recognised him as being the vicar.

GAMEKEEPER "Vicar!!! I am surprised at YOU stealing rabbits".

VICAR "I'm only catching one for my tea"

GAMEKEEPER "But you must have over 30 rabbits there. How did you manage that?"

VICAR "If I tell you my secret will you let me go?"

GAMEKEEPER "I might do. Now tell me how you do it."

VICAR "Well before I come out I put my hand up a womans skirt. The smell on my fingers is irresistible to the rabbits."

GAMEKEEPER "Oh, well get out of here and don't let me catch you again."

The gamekeeper took the rabbits and sold them for �2 each. He thought later that he'd like to get some more to sell, so the remembered what the Vicar told him. He races home and runs in the kitchen to see his wife just bending down to put something in the oven. Without hesitation he shoves his hand up her skirt and had a grope. Without even turning around to look, his wife says "Oh hello Vicar. Going poaching again?".
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Aha! I didn't think of that. Thanks!
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Never to be answered: What's the rest of the Breakfast Club joke
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Had occasion to be talking to Judd Nelson once a few years ago... I was dying to ask him about the joke, but couldn't risk being a fangirl. I always suspected it was an ad-lib.
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Also, Why is a raven like a writing desk?
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