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Help me find more weird and wonderful places to stay!

I'd love to find places to stay along the lines of The Train Station Inn or The Treesort or The East Brother Lighthouse, but these kinds of places tend to be so idiosyncratic that Google isn't much use. Which ones have you stayed at or heard of?
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Best answer: The Shady Dell in Bisbee, AZ. Stayed there several times, and it's awesome.
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If you're willing to travel . . . try the Ice Hotel.
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Best answer: In trying to find the name of Jules Underwater Inn, I found this list of Unique Getaways that might also be helpful.
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The Kunsthotel in Berlin is an art hotel where each room is decorated by a different artist.
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When I was in New York I found Ye Olde Carlton Arms by accident, and loved every bit of it. They've taken a big old building in fairly central Manhattan and have just let local artists go wild inside, painting anything and everything. It's an art galley in itself, and you could stay there for a week without seeing it all.
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The Greenwood Pier Inn consists of a bunch of very old and/or arty cottages around a central garden. The Cliffhouse is literally perched on the edge of the cliff. Beautiful little place.
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The Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo is pretty awesome. They have 109 unique rooms including The Caveman Room and The Love Nest. The whole thing looks like Barbie decorated it in 1968 There's a steak house completely done in hot pink velvet tufted banquettes and a waterfall urinal in the men's room.
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The Shack Up Inn B&B (bed & beer) in Clarksdale, MS. It's a bunch of converted sharecropper's shacks, with an on-site bar (the "commissary") that has live music.

The shacks are cozy and decently appointed (they're not luxury, but they have hot showers and cold refrigerators). The guys who run it are super nice and friendly, and there are cute little touches like mini Moon Pies on on the beds instead of mints.
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Best answer: Library Hotel in New York
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The Crown Plaza Quaker Square in downtown Akron, OH is built into converted grait silos. It's a beautiful hotel and all the rooms are round.

While in Akron, see if there's anything going on at the Akron Civic Theatre, which is an absolutely gorgeous restored old theatre. I had the pleasure of seeing Tom Waits perform there last August.
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The Ottawa Jail Hostel was once the Carleton County Jail. Guests sleep in the cells. Great location in downtown Ottawa close to the Parliament Buildings.
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WigWam Motel
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Best answer: Big Bay Lighthouse on Lake Superior.... I've stayed there a number of times, always mid winter when the wind howls and the snow can be many feet deep...
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Villa Dome Quixote
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The 21C is a really nice art museum/hotel in downtown Louisville.
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Best answer: If you find yourself in the midwest, you can stay in the original late 1800s military barracks at Fort Robinson in Western Nebraska. Another Nebraska State Park, Two Rivers, has renovated railroad cabooses that you can rent by the night. Or if a teepee is more your speed, you could rent one here.
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Best answer: You can stay at Walter De Maria's The Lightning Field. Metafilter post here.
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Best answer: Kokopelli's Cave Bed & Breakfast. I guess this would be the opposite of staying in a treehouse.
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Loved the Madonna Inn as well.
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The Kennedy School in Portland, Oregon.
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I just ran across a link for the Fantasuite Hotels in Wisconsin and Minnesota. There's a '50s diner-themed room where you sleep on a giant sandwich and bathe in a coffee cup, plus themes like Arabian Nights, Cinderella, Lover's Lane, Wild West, Space Odyssey, and Under the Sea.
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Just heard about this thread on the podcast, and I LOVE IT! Oh, if only I had endless amounts of money so I could visit all these places....

Friends of mine recently stayed in Villa Dome Quixote, in New Denver, British Columbia (in the Kootenays). To me, the dome cottages look just like hobbit houses! Very charming and, apparently, surprisingly spacious inside.
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Um, oops, sorry canoehead! I see you mentioned VDQ above.
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How about a naval fortress? Also available in a larger size.
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