Voice Control over Bluetooth on a k800i.
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Does anybody have a bluetooth headset and a sony ericsson k800i that successfully sync with voice control?

This k800i's voice control seems not to work with any bluetooth headset. A headset will work for receiving and making calls, but I've not even been able to set up the voice control (voice dialing of numbers) with any bluetooth headset.

For that matter, I can't get the voice control set up even without a headset! I've barely been able to record a name, but it sure won't dial the corresponding number when I say the name, when the voice control's activated.

Any insights appreciated!
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Wow, this question sounds familiar.

I got it to work on my SE K800i [which passed away just in time for me to get an iPhone]. The BT headphone I used was a cheap Motorola one. As I said in the MeCha thread, the novelty soon wore off.

The "listening" feature where it is waiting for a "magic word" will not work since it would need to keep the mic and bluetooth connection and run down the bluetooth headset really really fast. But pushing the button on the headset, saying the caller's name, hearing your own voice say the name, "just worked".
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