Are there any games on the DS that are similar to Final Fantasy Tactics for GBA?
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Are there any games on the DS that are similar to Final Fantasy Tactics for GBA?

I really liked Final Fantasy Tactics on the Gameboy Advance, I probably logged like 50 hours playing that game. Recently I just bought a DS and I was wondering if there were any similar games to it. I've been playing Advance Wars DS and that's pretty good. Oh, and I can't read Japanese so Japanese only titles are out of the question.
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The FFT genre is usually called "strategy RPG" or "tactical RPG" (SRPG or TRPG), though if you like Advance Wars (who wouldn't!?) you may cast your net more broadly to include turn-based strategy games more generally.

One SRPG title on DS is Hoshigami Remix. I think it's very similar in style to FFT, but it's been reviewed pretty poorly and I haven't picked it up.
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I recently read about a new SRPG for the DS called "Luminous Arc" (publisher) - release date is Aug 14th. Reviews should be out soon, so I'd wait for those.
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A semi-sequel to FFTA is currently being developed for the DS. I use the qualifier semi because this game actually takes place in Ivalice, whereas its predecessor took place in a dream world construct of the universe. Japanese release is currently scheduled for late October, and given the success of its predecessor in this market I have every reason to believe that a U.S. release will follow.

*Confessor growls*

Now if they would just release FFXII International in the United States...
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Confessor, really?


Original poster, it's not on the DS, but the FFTactics on the PS1 was a hell of a game.
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Since you brought that up, I feel obligated to note that the original Final Fantasy Tactics is being remade and expanded for the Playstation Portable system.
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Not a native DS game (but it will play on the DS), but Tactics Ogre is a great SRPG.

I believe it inspired FF Tactics, the series has been around a long time.

Tactics Ogre for GBA (gamespot)
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Hoshigami Remix is what you're looking for.
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While not strictly like FFTA, Yggdra Union for the GBA could be considered and SRPG too. The fights are more of one squad vs the other, unlike FFTA's one guy vs the other guy. The strategy part comes in how to place your guys in a winning formation.
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Response by poster: These are great leads, thanks guys!
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"Tactics Ogre" is very quality but it's published by Atlus which is notorious for small print runs (these are niche titles after all). The game is out of print and hard to come by, but well worth it.

"Rebelstar Tactical Command", if you can find that one, is similar. It's from the guys that did X-Com. Not really an SRPG as much as just an S.
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The Fire Emblem series is another tactical RPG; some excellent storytelling. There's no NDS specific title but the GBA games are fantastic.
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This is one of my favorite genres

GBA games

Tactics Ogre: Good, but kind of slow. Very much like FFT.

Fire Emblem Some Subtitle Or The Other: Different. Weapons break after a set number of uses. The enemies are about your level. You can only play each battle once, so xp and cash is tight. Everyone you can use is unique and has his/her own importance to the plot. Most importantly dead is dead, there's no resurrecting your fallen comrades. This game is hard (mostly because I refused to let any of my dudes die.)

Rebelstar Tactical Command: I wanted to like this so much. I loved XCOM. The game is like XCOM without the bases, but with better, non random, battles. Somehow I got a few missions into it and never played it again. It does stay in my backpack pouch of games to play.

Super Robot Taisen: Never played these games, but they looked semi amusing.


Hoshigami Remix: I was really looking forward to this but the reviews were harsh. I've passed so far.

Age of Empires: Closer to Advance Wars than FFT, but it scratches the same itch for me. It's a pretty damn good game too.

Coming Soonish for the DS:

FFT 2: It's FFT 2! What more can I say? I have high hopes.

Front Mission: A remake of the original Front Mission. Big robots blowing each other up with bigger guns! For some reason the front mission games never really got me going. Maybe it was because as long as one mech was left standing there were no penalties for everyone else blowing up. Also it feels kind of random.

Jagged Alliance 2: There are strong rumors this is coming out for the DS. If they are true buy this game. Buy it buy it buy it. I have very fond memories of not having much of a life for a few months because of this game. (Granted that was in 96? or so).

Panzer Tactics: A wargame, not an RPG, but might be worth paying attention to.

There's going to be a 40k game for the DS, I think it is small squad turned based combat.
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In case anyone is still reading this, the sequel that The Confessor is talking about above is called FFT A2 Fuketsu no Grimoire.

The one that has been remade for the PSP system is called FFT: The War of the Lions.

I loved Final Fantasy Tactics, it's a great game!
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