Netflix queue without Netflix?
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I've recently canceled my Netflix account because I wasn't going through enough DVDs with them to make it worthwhile. However, I'm thinking of re-signing up (at the $4.99/mo rate) just to continue to use their site as a way to keep track of movies I've seen, movies I want to see, and my ratings. Is there some other software or website that can perform those functions without a monthly fee? Bonus points if I can import my Netflix history/ratings/queue somehow.
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Movielens does all this, complete with recommendations, but you can't import from Netflix.
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Googling "download netflix data" brings up this ti retrieve your personal rankings. If you sign up for the netflix prize, my understanding is that they let you have (much of?) their database. Googling "netflix data" brings this up. From there you could import it to your own database.
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Best answer: You can do this for free via, including your wishlist and ratings. They'll also give recommendations. Don't think you can import data though. I'm pretty sure there's some WAP function so you can access your wish list when you're at the rental store. I haven't used the site in a while so I don't know if the WAP function still exists.
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IMDb's My Movies feature has been around for a while.
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Flixter is a great site for keeping data like Netflix, but I don't think you can import.
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Also I could be wrong but I think after you cancel Netflix all your data goes *poof* I know we signed up, canceled, then signed up again and everything was gone.
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There's a Facebook application made by Flixter as well, if you're a Facebook user. Overall it satisfies your conditions, not sure about importing from Netflix though.
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I have stopped netflix several times (baby, vacations) and my infos are always there when i return.
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Yeah Netflix keeps it...they even advertise to you to come back to them with the promise that your wish list is still there waiting for you.
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And you can put your Netflix account on hold for up to 90 days as well - in case you have a change of heart.
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Seconding movielens. I've used them for several years & have found their predictions of what I'd like are pretty accurate.
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