Cell phone with great sound quality on AT&T?
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Cell phone recommendation: All I'm looking for is the best sound quality and a clock that is easily readable without opening the phone. I'm on AT&T.

I've read about a dozen AskMe threads on cell phones and been to a lot of cell phone comparison sites but surprisingly, I'm having trouble finding an answer to the above question. I'm just looking for a phone where I don't need to shout and strain to hear and be heard. My current phone is a Nokia 6102. Sound is tinny and way too quiet even on the highest volume setting. And the outer display is too dim to see the time unless I open the phone. I like to use my phone as a watch but don't want to have to open it just to get the time.
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Can't reccomend a phone, I have the same one as you. But here's a tip: press the button on the right when the phone is closed. On mine, the screen lights up.
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Cinguayteeandtee uses GSM, so you also have the option of purchasing a good phone from abroad (where phones in general don't suck) and moving your SIM chip to it.
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I have the 6102 also, and I do the same as ALongDecember. (Don't press so hard that the camera turns on, though.)
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I have ATT and use the Pantech C3. It's a widdle bitty teeny phone. Smallest camera phone on the market - but I absolutely love it. If you read around on the internet, though, you'll get a ton of "omg wtf tis fone sux like sooo bad." The reason for this is that it's small stature and adorableness really appeal to 16 year old girls and other people who maybe don't know a whole bunch about technology. The phone is very different from other cellphones. It's really built around web access (the center button brings up your browser) and the only way to directly download data from the phone to the pc is with a cable that you need to purchase clandestinely through the internet. (I have no problem with this because I set mine up to email all media to my gmail account - also the Pantech C3b has bluetooth which might remedy this issue).
It takes about 500 pictures on its own - nice little camera with flash. One of my favorite features is that if you hold down the lower side button, the LED flash turns on like a flashlight. If you hold down the top side button you get the camera function. Time displays on the front of the phone.

I got it as a stand-in until I get my Iphone (it's a free phone with activation) but I love the little guy so much that I've suddenly found stuff I "need" more than my new Iphone. You can change the color of the faceplate... it feels solidly built and durable and the sound quality is excellent.

Good Luck!!
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I love my Razr. Time and date without opening. Caller ID (with photo) without opening.

The sound is plenty loud, however you do need to have it in the right place. Once you learn the sweet spot, there's no problem. And it's long enough when open that the microphone is right in front of your mouth, so no shouting needed. It also has a speakerphone, which I rarely use.
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I love my Motorola F3, because it's super simple and has NO (and I mean NO) extra features. It's display is very high contrast, the case is robust and call quality is fine with me.
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