How to put a macron over X in Microsoft Word
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Does anyone know how I can put a macron over the letter X in Microsoft word (using microsoft office 2007 currently).

I use this in my quick note-taking to mean except. The only thing, the symbols offered in Microsoft office's symbol box has a macron over every letter but the X. I would like to get this down on the page so I can create an autocorrect shortcut for it.
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Interesting question.

"Ctl-F9 will turn on the equation editor, which give you editable brackets.
Type in { eq \o(x,¯) } , it makes no difference if these can be Captials; there is a space between the q and the \. Do a shift-F9, which will toggle between your equation brackets and the symbol. The ‘o’ is the letter O to make an overstrike. You can italicize the x, the bar is macron under Arial."

I just tried this in Word2007, and it worked.

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thanks, i'll give that a try tomorrow when I have more time (homework killing me right now)
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Try pasting this: x̄
I made this by typing xx304; into Metafilter's compose window after finding the Unicode for "combining macron" on Wikipedia.

It renders fine in Firefox, but to make it look OK in Word 2003 I had to select just the pasted text and set character spacing to Condensed by 3pt. No idea how you're going to do that with autocorrect.

Here's a capital X̅ to play with as well (this one uses x305; (Unicode "combining overline").
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Bollocks. I knew I shouldn't have previewed that before posting it. The Unicode HTML should be x304; for the macron and x305; for the overline.
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Double bollocks and ya boo sucks to mefi's HTML gobbler. Wikipedia has properly un-rendered HTML - look there.
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In the Word 2003 Symbol dialog box, MODIFIER LETTER MACRON is in the Spacing Modifier Letters subset. Yes, you'll have to adjust the character spacing as suggested by fladablet. After you get it the way you want, make an AutoCorrect macro for the styled text, including a normally styled space afterwards. It'll still be annoying to deal with, but I hope this reduces the annoyance somewhat.
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An additional option that math & science writing constantly uses: Insert > Object > Microsoft Equation. The subsequent pallet hosts a multitude of mutations. Besides copy & paste, a toolbar button or a macro can make this quick to access.
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thanks guys for all your help! That will definitely make a difference come time to type up my notes!
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