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Trapped overnight in a Super 8 in the desolate part of Chicago. What to do?

Stupid, stupid airlines have left me in a Super 8 surrounded by, uh, nothing- just a couple of fast food restaurants. I can't get a rental car- my license is expired, which is why I'm heading home in the first place. My calls to the few people I know in Chicago have been fruitless. What should I do?
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It would help if you told us which airport; Midway or O'Hare?
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There are lots of desolate parts of Chicago - where are you? Can you ride the train? There's a lot, lot, lot of very cool stuff on the North Side. Go to Earwax, or Handlebar, or the Chicago Diner, or even Alice and Friends' restaurant! The concierge should be able to tell you which station is nearest to you.

Barring, that, taxi! They're all over Chicago, and if you tip your driver well, he'll be willing to give you his number and be at your beck and call given enough lead time. Nothing better than having a "your cabbie" in a strange city.

Go nuts! I love Chicago!
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Response by poster: O'Hare. Specifically, I'm staying here. The shuttle driver recited a long rote speech of the things I could do within walking distance of my hotel, and they all involved going to a gas station or a fast food restaurant.
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You're in hell. Grab a cab or bribe the shuttle bus driver) to the Rosemont Blue Line (the train into Chicago)> Make sure the driver takes you to the "blue line" and not some metra station. Get on the train headed towards Chicago. Get off on Damen Avenue. Welcome to hipster heaven. Restaurants, bars, hot artbabes everywhere. (and yuppie interlopers) Pose, suck in your cheeks and have a good time. Later, take the same train back (get off at rosemont). Call cab/shuttle bribee back to hotel.
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Also, blue line runs 24/7, some chicago bars are open until 4am. There's a couple of em really close to the Damen stop.
Live life, have fun dammit.
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If you're willing to spend the money you can't really be anywhere in Chicago that a cab isn't a (possibly expensive) phone call away. Talk to the mouth breather at the check in desk. He may know someone who can get you to an L stop. Then follow some of the advice above.

You'll need a CTA card (you can buy one at any L stop - $10 bucks should last you the night.) Sure there are some stops where you're not going to want to hop off and "explore" but anywhere in the loop will be reasonably safe and give you a view of the city and access to bars.

Good luck.
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Does the Super 8 have an indoor swimming pool, hot tub, exercise room? Spend the rest of the night swimming and/or exercising, and feeling energetic (which also has the added benefit of working off the "grrr" feeling that's coming through in your post). After you're done swimming and exercising, get into your jammies and pig out on some chocolate from the snack machines. You've feel like you've had a great night!
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Why not just enjoy it? Get some fast food, chips, cookies, and ice cream, and pig out while watching terrible TV shows late into the night! If you want some excercise, just walk to the nearby gas station or fast food joint for some more crap.

I very rarely stay in a motel, but when I do this is totally what I do, and I love it. Perhaps it helps that I live the opposite of this lifestyle the rest of the time -- I don't have a TV, eat fairly healthy home-made food, and the nearest fast food involves a 3 hour trip.

Note that this is fine for one night... more than that and it starts to get unpleasent quickly.
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You've = You'll
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Yeah, you're talking about tonight, right, and this was posted at 8:27pm? I was in bed watching TV at that time. I guess I'm not as easily bored. :)
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Response by poster: It turned out both Sanford and Son and Bandidas were on TV. And Miller High Life is 6 for 4.95, and you can rig up a cooler using a sink, ice water and a towel. Thanks, everyone!
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I used to work 2 blocks from there. I passed it every day.
Yeah basically you are on the edge of shite hole.

Bighappyfunhouse has the right idea if hipster heaven is what you want.

If you want yuppie heaven head north on Mannheim past O'Hare and just pick a sports bar. I think Shoeless Joe's is the closest. It's exactly the same as every other suburban sports bar you've ever been to.

Or (heh heh) for some depraved i'm-never-going-to-tell-anyone-about-this fun. Head south past North Ave. into Stone Park. Look for the "fashion shows" I'm sure the cabbie will know what you mean. The Playpen is a popular one but it's pretty much all seedy bars.
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