Nouns that are now also verbs?
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Is there a list of nouns that have become verbs and when they were officially added as a verb to one of the main dictionaries?

I was talking with someone they were surprised when I used a word as a verb. It got me thinking about nouns that are now used a verbs.
Ex: Google (I'll google it), Hammer (I hammered it), Phone (I'll phone you), wordsmith (I'll wordsmith the report)
If you look up telephone at Merriam-Webster Online for example:
Noun: 1844
Verb: 1877

There are articles and lists of new words added to dictionaries but are there official lists of existing nouns being added as verbs to dictionaries or a list of the popular ones in the last 10 years?
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It doesn't have dates but this is a pretty huge list of nouns turned into verbs.
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modern dictionaries are descriptivist, which means they consider the language users the "official" notice on a when a word becomes part of the language. They'll add it to the next edition of a dictionary when it's been noticed by enough editors, but I wouldn't think of it as "official" so much as "historically noted" or something like that.
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Eyeball this.

P.S. If you look up tantalize, would the illustration depict the website
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The first one among geeks, I think, was "access".
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quoting thinkingwoman in a later askme: xerox
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I can't help you find a list, but I think English is unique in that almost anything can be made into a verb if you try hard enough. Kids were bused out into suburbs from the inner city. We schooled them. I brained him with a rock. We tabled the issue.
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