Mini Cooper rental in Vancouver?
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Where can I rent a Mini Cooper in Vancouver BC?

Last Summer a friend of mine rented a Mini Cooper, the new BMW version. He lives in East Van and I imagine he rented it from somewhere around here. My friend is currently away at the moment, so I can't ask him, and I can't find it anywhere on the internet.

I'm going on a road trip this weekend, so now I'm looking to rent one because I thought that might be fun. Anyone know who rents them? Any other ideas of fun cars to rent and where I might find them here in town?
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Zipcar has Mini Coopers. But you'd have to join Zipcar. It's not exactly the same as a rental.
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I think the cooperative auto network has them, too. But, again that's not the same as a rental.
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Response by poster: yeah, both those outfits do - but they both discourage using their cars for roadtrips. They're more for in-town runabouts.
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Really? I have friends who've driven a CAN car to Osoyoos and back.
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Response by poster: Oh for sure it can be done. But it's way cheaper for the trip I'm taking. Check out their CAN vs. Rental Car Calculator. That's what I mean by "discourage."
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Budget has Smart Cars and Beetle convertibles -- their quoted rate on the phone last week was $56 a day, 200km included per day.

They want about a week's notice for a fun car, although you might get lucky.
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Response by poster: Really Sally? In Vancouver? The guy I just talked to at Budget made no mention of either of these cars when I just called to ask.
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Were you speaking to the main call centre, or to a specific location? I've found the big office doesn't always have the full inventory of specialty vehicles available in their reservation system for some reason.

I know the Budget in Chinatown has at least one (and hmm, may have a Mini, if this guy isn't joking.
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Response by poster: Sally, you're totally right. The main call centre doesn't know the full inventory. They do have at least a couple fun cars at that Chinatown Budget location.
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