Williamstown chow?
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One night in Williamstown, Mass. Tell me where to eat.
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I can't provide a specific recommendation since it's been a number of years since I lived semi-nearby, but here is a recent (July) Chowhound post that should help.
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I've been to Mezze (recommended on stefnet's link) and it was excellent!
I am a vegetarian and they made me a great vegetable plate (off-menu) and my mother had duck which she liked a lot. The couple next to us both had lamb and loved it.
The other place I'd recommend is Jae's, which has all sorts of asian food (usually a bad sign but not here). I've had curry and sushi there and both were good.
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If you're willing to drive a little ways, Elizabeth's, in Pittsfield is truly a local gem. As the review says, it is not fancy, but the food and the friendly atmosphere make it nonetheless worth a trip.

If you want to stay in town, Mezze is probably your best bet for contemporary American bistro-style food. Both the Thai Garden and Spice Root (Indian), right on Spring Street in town, are pretty good, low-key options.

(Also, you're doing yourself a grave disservice if you don't stop by Papa Charlie's, also on Spring St., for a sandwich for lunch.)
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And if you need some food for when you head out of town, try Helen's. I think it's the same place I stopped some years ago - it's an upscale-ish deli, and if it's the one I was at, its sandwiches are named after actors who've done summer stock in town. I ordered the Blythe Danner; someone a couple people behind me in line said "Good choice!" I turned around to say thanks....and there was Blythe Danner. Good sandwich!
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rtha, I'm 99.9% sure you're thinking of Papa Charlie's.
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Could be, could be - it was quite a while back. Whatever the name, fine the place w/ the sandwiches named after summer stock actors, and order yourself one! More here.
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While Elizabeth's is spectacular, unless you feel like waiting over an hour for a table, skip the trek into Pittsfield and eat at Le Jardin. It's in a b&b, charming, and the service and food are fantastic. Have a great time!
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Oh no! My sister just told me that Le Jardin is gone and has been replaced by Jae's Sushi (which is still good).
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Mill on the floss is great, very high end tho.

There are some great bistros down the street from MassMOCA in North Adams, as well.
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