Who Built This Rainy Tin Shack?
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In 3rd or 4th grade ('86 or 87') my school took us on a field trip to M.O.C.A. (in Los Angeles). I was permanently affected by a particular piece which involved a small tin shack, filled with random, dillapidated objects and the sound of rain (or actual water) hitting the tin roof. I can't figure out who created this great murky relic of my childhood. I'm about to include a related idea in a project I'm working on, and I want to know who I'm referencing.
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I would try calling MOCA and asking whether that piece is part of their collection of if they could help you identify it from a past exhibition.
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Could it have been Michael McMillen's "Central Meridian, The Garage" at LACMA? (Or maybe it was visiting MOCA?)

Your description took me back to the first time I wandered into this strange and fascinating piece, also in childhood.
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Just conceivably Ed Kienholz.
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Best answer: via dontoine's link, is it McMillen's"Pavilion of Rain"?
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No help here, but I remember that piece and it had a big effect on me, too. I hope you/we can find it!
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Response by poster: Thanks, both of you. I am positive it was "Pavilion of Rain." That is one long-standing mystery solved!
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