The Great Toronto Croc Quest
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Crocs are supposed to be comfortable. I'm between sizes on the ubiquious 'beach' model, so they don't work for me. I know there are adult models that have traditional sizing, (and aren't Mary Janes) so where can I find them in Toronto?

I've looked at The Bay, SoftMoc, Sporting Life, Walking on a Cloud, SportChek, Coast Mountain, Athlete's World, Higher Ground, Roots, and the Europe Bound on Front Street, all to no avail. Must I go to Buffalo, or is there somewhere I've overlooked?
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There's a long list of stores that sell crocs in Toronto at their website, but I've discovered that most brick & mortar stores really only carry the Beach and Mary Janes. (I got lucky at one local store and got a pair of Primas.)
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My husband got a pair of traditionally sized "Offroads" (I think?) at the Roots at Yonge & St Clair. We also saw them in some little hole in the wall shoe shop on the Danforth. Sounds like it might be hit and miss, maybe just give over a morning to phoning round?
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If you really want those crocs and willing to spend a weekend in a superb city as a trade-off, there is a Croc store in Quebec city. They have every models in every colors in every sizes.
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Yeah, just walk up Yonge St. and you will find them in some random storefront. I saw one selling a whole lot of them somewhere around Wellesley a while ago.
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I just saw a whole bunch of Croc styles I'd never seen before at the same Yonge/St Clair Roots that jamesonandwater mentioned. And since your profile says you live in East York, that shouldn't be too much of a problem.

I find it weird that you are probably, right now, somewhere within a couple kilometers of where I am now.
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