Good small business blogs and podcasts?
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What are some great small business blogs and podcasts?

Separating the wheat from the chaff in this is proving difficult. I am primarily interested in interviews with successful small business owners (for podcasts) and lifehacker type (and quality) blogs for small business problems.
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I listen to Venture Voice, but it doesn't come out very often. The interviews are very long, too, which I like but might put some off.
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Freelance Switch is focused on freelancing, but there's lots of productivity related stuff that's probably applicable to any small business.
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Slate's BizBox blog is pretty good. If you're at all interested in small businesses for indie designers and such, designsponge and decor8 often have interviews with small biz owners.
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Well, if small businesses hoping to become big counts, then I recommend Marc Andreessen's blog which has talked alot about what he learned in his extensive venture capital experiences.
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