Piano music for wedding reception
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Looking for suitable songs to be played on unaccompanied piano at a wedding engagement party. Ideal requirements include one or more of the following: romantic, classy, lounge/cocktail, film soundtrack, 1920s-1960s. Thanks!

Some of the more obvious candidates here are Frank Sinatra, Cole Porter, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, and so on. It would be nice to have some obscure stuff in there along with the standards.
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Louis Armstrong's "A Kiss To Build A Dream On" might be nice on piano.
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Vince Giraldi's "The Great Pumpkin Waltz." It was my wedding song. It fits all your criteria.

Actually, a lot of his stuff from Charlie Brown would work. Maybe not Linus and Lucy though, unless you've got a pair of twins who like to bob their heads back and forth.
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Nice cool bossa nova/samba: Agua de Beber, Corcovado, Girl from Ipanema, Insensatez... You can look at Stan Getz or Joao Gilberto CD's for song names/ideas. That's what I would have at my wedding, anyway ;)
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you mean aside from "As Time Goes By"?

Here's a nice list.
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debussy's clair de lune
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I Couldn't Live Without Your Love by Petula Clark
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A friend of mine played "Here Comes the Sun" in place of the wedding march on the piano at our friends wedding. It was rad.
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Carter: Jerome Kern's "Wedding Bells Are Calling Me" comes to mind. Any Kern ballad is ideal, as played by professional lounge pianists everywhere since Pop began, because the melodies are so rich and heartbreakingly beautiful. They also affirm themselves delightfully even in a crowded, chatter-filled room. A Kern-only programme would make, I think, a lovely statement (or any other great romantic composer from the period you suggest: Richard Rodgers; Irving Berlin; George Gershwin; Harold Arlen; Cole Porter; Harry Warren et caetera).

Examples: "All The Things You Are"; "The Way You Look Tonight"; "Isn't It Romantic?"; "I'm Old-Fashioned"; "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes"...

Here's Todd Peach's excellent list of Kern songs and lyrics.
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"As time goes by" was the first thing that sprang to mind here too Vidiot. If you're feeling a bit wicked you can always slip in "Making Whoopee". Instantly recognisable and fun if the bride and groom don't mind a bit of gentle teasing.
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Response by poster: Wow, thanks y'all! Miguel, thanks for the J Kern link, we have "Smoke gets in your eyes" on the short list (one of my favourite versions is by Bryan Ferry). "The Girl from Ipanema is one I would never have thought of, contessa. And the cocktail piano link is great, Vidiot. But thanks to everyone; keep 'em coming; this is a musical education that I am in dire need of! (I just thought of Nina Simone's "My baby just cares for me," which is a good piano number I think.)
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